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Twitterkopiefacebook_logokopieThe Button Factory is an initiative of 2 women that want to share their passion for information technology in the broadest sense. One of us is rather obsessive with databases. The other one likes to code until the wee hours.

The Button Factory is formerly known as Itslet! Itslet started as a joke, out on the road for yet another IT related conference.
We like to bring you fresh and inspiring news. And we are addicted to our computer. So there’s nothing weird about us, just our passion for  technology.

What makes us different than the rest? We are both female… ‘nuff said.



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    • Hi, the difference is that in the Object Dinner example the Db4o session is bound to a web request, which is actually very elegant. Now that I think of it. 🙂
      You could also use Global.asax instead of implementing the IHttpModule. But the Httpmodule is more scalable because you could put that in the GAC. So, for scalability and flexibility, I would not choose the quick & dirty way I used in my article, but go with an HttpModule.

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