My predictions for 2016 and beyond

For the first time a post not about coding or information technology, but about my predictions for 2016 and beyond. Here goes. These are going to get huge in 2016:

  • Blockchain is going to get momentum. Blockchain helps us solve the problem of the trusted third parties (like banks), which have created an inefficient society with has led to inequality. Blockchain is a technology which allows us to keep a ledger together. The authority to control, to divide and to conquer belongs to us!


  • Soylent, the food replacement. When I first read about Soylent it was still a crowdfunding initiative from Rob Rhinehart at Kickstarter in 2013. Soylent is open source, so you can create your own. But you can also buy it from several suppliers (mostly in the Netherlands funny enough). I have tried Joylent myself and I must admit it is rather tasty. Now I’m eagerly awaiting my Jakefood Light shipment. What is so disruptive about Soylent? Well, it is a food drink that contains only what the body needs. Better than pizzas and hamburgers for sure. For just 9 euros per day.
    Imagine, this can decrease our ecological footprint. It might be a solution for world hunger as well.


  • Blue Origin and Spacex. Well, they are inventing rockets that can be re-used. Space travel will be cheaper. It allows us to dream about a future where we can colonize Mars. And this dream can become reality.

  • Ok, I have to admit. Microsofts Continuum is pretty cool. Imagine the situation where you only need to own a smartphone. It will become a desktop computer if you attach it to a dock.  Now we only have to wait until applications become Continuum aware. (But I’m not sure if I would ditch my Macbook).


So, there you have it. These are my predictions for the future. They will be big. Maybe not so in 2016, but we are well on our way.


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