Another oracle error #ORA01219 – restore in online mode

If your database crashed in a active state, you might get an #ORA01219 error.

Tip If you are new to oracle network testing, I recommend you to consult this document:

This might look like a nightmare, but you can fix the corrupt data pretty easy, you need a oracle console, like SQLPLUS or PLSQL or any tool you like working with and see wich datafiles need to be recovered by typing:

Start by the following query:

Alter database open
 select * from v$datafile;


ora 3

After trying to open the database, I got the following messageora4

If you see this error, type

--alter database open

and the datafile that needs recovery appearsora5

Repeat the 4 steps below for all the datafiles that need recovery and you have saved the day! Yeeh!

--Select * from v$datafile;
--recover datafile ‘E:\ORADATA\DAT02EBMSDATA.DBF’;
--Select * from v$log;
--Alter database recover datafile 11;

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