Create System DSN with oracle

Let’s say we want to connect our oracle database server to this new local console application we are going to build, we will first need to create a System DSN with oracle via Window’s ODBC.

We will do a tnsping command in a cmd box – c:\>tnsping network.domain (for example Melliepc.mellie) to see if our connection does exist.

Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias
(HOST = Melliepc)(PORT = 1521))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = Myoradb))) OK (220 msec)

Next step is to install the Oracle Instance Client Basic on our machine and don’t forget to install the Oracle ODBC
C:\Program Files\Oracle\instantclient_10_2\odbc_install.exe] as administrator (this is to Register Oracle ODBC).
That was not so hard, now we are gonna create a new system-DSN:
go to your Configuration screen –> administrative tools (ODBC) as administrator.

Choose System-DSN –>Add new, select the correct source, in my case this will be Oracle instantclient_10_2.


All that is left now is to fill in the correct values for our database and click the test button, if successful, the connection to our database is ready. Yay!


Now we can start using data from the oracle database in our project, What a joy!

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