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Total cloud control together with Oracle and Microsoft


Total cloud control – “Reduce downtime” and “pluggable database”


This is what the new oracle rdbms 12c is all about; It’s a business driven enterprise cloud management solution.

Two features highlighted:

Pdb pluggable database features: one instance for multiple databases saves lots of memory and you can upgrade multiple database instances at once.

Multitenancy* (the key ingredient for the cloud)  the pro’s of the  shared server technology is it’s efficiency with the guarantee of data isolation and discrete tenant performance management. db admins can discretely manage service levels and define resource  allocation and priority.

Oracle also promises 12c’s database disk I/O is reduced and uses fair memory usage which was not really the case with the absorbing powers of current popular oracle 11g, which only works well on a powerful x64.

The multitenancy* refers to the already growing SAAS community (software as a service) where many customers share the same application instance, but with separated data. Oracle pushes this approach from the application to the database!

So whats the fuzz about?

Oracle and Microsoft announced their partnerships along with some other (saas) companies today with software vendors that will, I quote “Reshape the cloud and reshape the perception of oracle technology in the cloud”.

Partnerships are no big news in the ever changing IT world, but Microsoft and Oracle being database competitors for a long time, this is big news. This could not only bring together the best of both worlds. But will this change the way we think an work with databases? Will oracle’s 12c become the big force behind the SQl Azure cloud services? I can’t wait to hear more about this!

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this partnership.

Tooltip of the month: Codename Atlanta and Denali

You can participate in the Atlanta project by just signing up at the microsoft website: Microsoft codename Atlanta is a cloud based service tool that monitors your SQL Server. It helps to avoid configuration problems, reduce your downtime, improve the performance and resolve issues faster(!?). You can track changes and troubleshoot errors yourself and the install is lightweight on your server since it’s mostly in the cloud. Atlanta installs an agent on your SQL2008(R2) server that communicates with Microsoft Cloud servers through a secure gateway, it analyses your instances and returns it back trough a webbased dashboard like application.

Now i must be honest, I did not test this tool, what I’m wondering about, sending data back and forth to the cloud, you can never have real live data and probably I, or even worse a end user is probably faster in finding issues within the database than this tool does, but if you’re insecure about your configurations, it is a friendly help without having to call in to some support office and it also could be a good help for small offices that don’t have a budget for in house dba experts.

More exited I am about the announcements made about the Denali project, codename for the new Microsoft 2011 version I’ve just seen at the SQLPass summit 2010

Get your first copy of Denali right here !

Looking forward to your reactions and testing feedback 😉