Tool tip of the Month: Microsoft WebMatrix the codedummy treasure

New to (web)development? or need a kick start, then WebMatrix is the tool for you.
With this tool you can built applications on open source products available via the Microsoft Webplatform. You just need the Microsoft Web platform Installer and a little space on your harddisk.
Today’s websites are all about interaction, the static or overcrowded flash generated websites are loosing their ground.
A cool webmatrix beta has been released, give it a try, play around with it and improve your skills. Who knows maybe you built your first application!

Now you ask me, what is so exciting about WebMatrix? I will quote Microsoft: “Webmatrix is small, Simple and seamless”. It provides you with a compact platform with all the professional tools right under your nose. No need to install a heavy sql server on your machine. It runs on SQL Compact, an embedded database and if your data grows explosive you just migrate to a bigger server in no-time.

To show you how easily a basic app is created we are goin’ to built a webgallery with webmatrix
we choose the webmatrix gallery pro, insert your database information; in this case we create a user named kuromi from sanrio and an db administrator and press enter…

Gallery server pro is loaded and the database is running. Press Run and the website is loaded.

And that’s it! The basics of your new application is ready, you can login and start your first album. This was way too easy! We want more, we want to create OUR OWN personal Gallery. That’s we’re visual studio comes in again *sight* I scared you, didn’t I, when not mentioning code and Visual Studio directly. Since most of our reader are already into  code, the fun starts here, and for you starters, dive into visual studio and let the Itslet guide you.

So far for my code evangelism in my October tooltip, hopefully Webmatrix will convince those of you that hesitate if coding is fun and maybe you’ll become a frequent reader of our blog 😉

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